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Ajoute la météo sur Facebook ! - 23 August 2013

A new extension appeared!

Simple and practical, it will display the current weather and temperature depending on your position, it also adds a theme with your local weather! Nice!

To install go here: http://www.fb-weather.com

Tired of seeing your friends offline? - 10 October 2011

Tired of your offline friends appear in your chat bar? SocialPlus! now allows you to hide and leave only your online  friends! 

Go into your preferences SocialPlus! to enable this new feature!

Timeline : Le nouveau profil - 27 September 2011

By Friday, September 30, Profiles will migrate to the new version called "Timeline". Your profile will become your newspaper. With this new profile, new features are the addition of music with Spotify and a newsfeed reworked to give you the actions of your friends in real time. In order to show you even better real-time web SocialPlus! evolve in this direction!

SocialPlus! is already compatible with this version.

The SocialPlus! Team   makes every effort to offer the best experience of the social web.

New editor - 19 September 2011

Recently, Facebook launched a new sharer design, SocialPlus! therefore also updated its advanced editor! With a new interface and better ergonomics, it combines perfectly with the new!

New website - 15 September 2011

SocialPlus new look and shows you his new site! 

A new design, yes, but also a news feed to stay up in contact with you and you with us. 

Now you can follow the new Facebook, the updates, present or future developments. We hope this new site will best suit your needs!


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