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Revolutionary features

With SocialPlus you will discover a new experience of Facebook, a rich experience in color, interactivity and simplicity. By installing this extension, it's a new world awaits you.

Discover then without waiting all revolutionary function that SocialPlus will bring to your Facebook !

Skin your profile

Want to have a skin for your profile? Social+ allows you to choose a skin (theme) for your profile page. Each time you go to your profile, Facebook will take on the skin you've chosen.

Thanks to more than 500 available skins, you can communicate with your friends in a new way. Show your friends what kind of mood you're in and create your own universe! Your friends who have Social+ installed will also see your skin when they visit your profile, and you'll see theirs as well!

How to install skins: - Go to your profile page for a live preview. Go to the Social+ menu, at the top of the screen (in the blue menu bar). - Choose the option: "Profile skin manager". - You will see a list of all the available themes. By selecting one, you will automatically see your profile transform! - Click save!

Write in colours

SocialPlus's most important feature is its new formatting editor for Facebook. Status updates and wall messages are more than just words now, they're an expression of your creativity.

Social+ discreetly integrates a formatting editor into the upper zone of the regular Facebook editor.

No additional installation is required to use this new tool. If you don't wish to use it, simply ignore the style buttons. If you do wish to stylize your message, click on the desired format, color, etc.

Simply Navigate

La dernière nouveauté de SocialPlus, vos amis avec l'image et le son directement sur votre profil !

Grâce à l'utilisation des dernières technologies disponible, SocialPlus! vous permet de profiter pleinement de du Chat Vidéo sans rien installer !

Emoticons on Facebook

We've all noticed that smileys on Facebook don't show up in posts, status updates and comments. It's time to get rid of those horrible :), :( :'( ...

Bring in the new era! Give new life to your Facebook pages using Social+! The extension automatically replaces all smiley characters with smiley images.

You'll see Facebook and your friends' moods through new eyes. Let the revolution begin!

Nudge in chat

Wizzes (nudges) are now part of Facebook! Social+ allows you to send wizzes (nudges) in your Facebook chat conversations! Just write: !wizz In your conversation!

Photos preview

You have more and more photos on your Facebook wall, but you have to click on the thumbnail to view them. What if the photo isn't worth switching pages for? 

These annoyances are over with Social Plus! 

Social Plus adds a small icon in the left corner of each Facebook thumbnail

Just move your mouse over it and the full-size photo will appear. No more need to switch pages to see a photo that wasn't worth your time! 

Just move your mouse away from the photo to make it disappear like magic. Cause Social Plus IS magic! 

Finally say "I dislike"!

Who on Facebook has never had the desire to say "don't like" instead of "like"? Posts you hate, boring posts, announcements that make you cringe? Now you can finally say what you really think! 

It's easy. Social+ integrates "don't like" next to the usual "like" option. Just click on the link to show your disapproval!

Powerful Facebook filter

Clean up your Facebook! In the window that opens, you can choose which types of posts to filter: Groups, fan pages, friends' comments, friends' "likes", relationship status changes (couples), new friends of friends, events. Once your preferences have been saved, the filter will go to work ridding your wall of anything you don't want to see! 

By default, no filters are applied to your wall, but you may change this option by going to the Social+ menu (at the top right of the Facebook menu), then choose the "Filters" option. 

Evaluate posts

Thanks to the SocialPlus extension, you can now rate your friends' posts! You'll see 5 small stars to the right of each post. To rate a post, just put your mouse over your desired rating and click. Your rating is now registered. 

You can then change the rating whenever you want by using the same procedure.  (The rating shown is the average of all ratings for the post.)

Monitor the impact of your posts and study the impact of your friends' posts.
Find out what your friends think. Now, your friends can easily show their approval. And if your friends use Social+, you'll see exactly what your friends think of your updates and what they expect from you. 

Album SlideShow

This is a feature for anyone who likes to watch the photo albums on Facebook. Indeed, in one click, you will start a slideshow of an album! No need to click Next, photos of friends change like a movie, and if necessary you can stop the slide in a click as well.

To use the slideshow, click on "Slideshow" link on the right of "Next." in a photo album!

A new movable chat

Why should your chat window stay at the bottom of the page, chained to the Facebook bar? With the Social+ extension, you can now move your chat wherever you want! Simply hover with the mouse over the chat window and a drag icon will appear. Now you can drag your chat window anywhere on the page! 

Téléchargement des vidéos

A small option can be very handy! You saw a video on Facebook that interests you and you want to save to your computer? Just right click on "Download this video" and Save as! And like that, even without internet you can watch the videos you like, everywhere!